Veepes India was founded more than 11 years ago. The company specializes in a whole range of welding products including welding consumables, welding machines & welding accessories. The products are supported by trained sales personnel, service technicians and technical support personnel. All products distributed by Veepees have been selected with great care and they enjoy a reputation for excellent and consistent quality. The company has a wide coverage in most segments of the end user market. The company represents HELVI, PITTARC, KISWEL, ALCOTEC, HILCO, ARCOS & ALLOY RODS in India.
  • A full range of products needed for welding a variety of metals, using all welding process - all under one roof.

  • Trained full logistic support including ample stock and speedy deliveries, even of special items.

  • Salers and technical personnel to discuss customer requirements in detail.

  • Technical support to customers in providing welding solutions and special test certification.

  • Assured quality.

  • A highly ethical way of doing business.
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